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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some common questions about our service. Should you need more information, feel free to contact us

What is Deliv?

Deliv is a same day delivery service revolutionizing how online and in store customers get their goods. We partner with people in your community and major retailers to bring your purchases to you, at home, work, or anywhere—exactly when you need it. Really. Even 9 am on Sunday, or 8 pm on Thursday. And all for a price that’s about the same or less than others charge for standard 3-5 day shipping.

With Deliv, you can:

  • Choose when you want your package to arrive. And your choices stretch far beyond those of the traditional carriers.
  • Rate your driver. Great reviews mean the best drivers get more delivery opportunities — ensuring even more satisfied customers.

Which stores offer the Deliv same day delivery option?

See our growing list of online and in store retail partners

Is Using Deliv Safe?

Safe. Dependable. (as well as Fast. Convenient. And affordable). That’s Deliv. Each Independent Delivery Specialist must earn our certification and pass a multi-tiered screening which includes:

  • Background check.
  • Driver’s license, insurance and registration verification.
  • Driving history check.
  • Proof of their dependable vehicle (pickup trucks, SUVs, sedans).

Deliv also provides insurance up to $100,000 per delivery for theft, damage or loss of merchandise while a Deliv certified Delivery Specialist is providing delivery services.

Customers can rate their Deliv experience, and specifically their driver, online. Deliv only maintains driver partnerships with those drivers who have a consistent record of timeliness, reliability, and good overall delivery results.

Who Will Deliver My Purchases?

Deliv drivers are people in your local community. We’ve selected people from all walks of life, like retirees, stay-at-home moms, professional drivers, and college students. All have great customer service skills and we’ve reviewed their background checks and driving history, as well as their vehicle information.

Why are driver ratings important?

Those with the best customer ratings are given preference for future delivery calls (So remember to rate your driver on each Deliv delivery!) Deliv only maintains partnerships with those drivers who consistently receive good ratings from customers and retailers. That is how we reward great drivers as well as ensure a positive customer experience with each delivery.